Pink Panther Jackpot Slot

What most people want is to have the maximum amount of fun that they can have. This has been the basis of this wonderful slot machine, which is making waves all over the place. You might have heard its name, but if you haven’t, it’s called, Pink Panther Jackpot Slot. Now, as the name suggests, the game is based on the famous silent cartoon character, Pink Panther, and with all the fun that you must have had watching these cartoons as a child; you can relive those days, when you are playing this video slot machine.

To come to the main point, this slot machine has been released by a very famous online gambling company, Playtech features, making this game a must have for all users. The biggest point in favor of this slot game is the inclusion of two jackpots, both of which are progressive, hence ensuring that you are a big winner, every time you play. Let’s take a look at some of the symbols that this game has:

Now, as I wrote above that everyone is a winner with Pink Panther Jackpot Slot, thus it would not be fair if I don’t elaborate on the winnings. Have a look:

For those who are thinking that how they will be able to get the winnings with ease, the following would be very important for them:

The game is full of bonuses too, and this is an additional charmer for all the lovers of slots. These include a lot of free spins, when Pink Panther will blow up a lot different symbols all over the screen and you will have a chance to get up to twenty nine games for free.

If you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to play the bonus games, such as the Color Pink, Pink Trail and Wheel of Pink, all of which have numerous chances of additional winnings. A lot of bonus gambles are there too, for even more rewards for you in just a single sitting.

All in all, Pink Panther Jackpot Slot is full of excitement and fun. You will not regret playing it for even a split second.