Fame and Fortune Video Slot

How does mathematics help to beat you, in particular - in the video slots? The fact is that any game of chance can be characterized by an important parameter - its mathematical expectation. Mathematical expectation (Expected Value, EV, MO) shows what the result will be obtained on average from each of the bets in this game. Mathematical expectation is expressed as a percentage with plus or minus sign. Plus means that the result of bet will be in the average positive (in the long run we will win more than will gamble). Accordingly, the minus means that the outcome of our bid will be on average negative (we will lose more than will bet). Another concept that is associated with mathematical expectation - rate of return of machine.

Rate of return - it's only 100% plus ME. This value tells us how much money on the average we will get back as a prize, after a certain number of bets. For example, a 95% return will tell us that, on average, for every $ 100 bet, we will get $ 95 back as winnings. Benefits of slots in the virtual casino: more recently, many virtual slot machines offer the possibility of an automatic game - «Autoplay». You only need to specify the number of spins, and sit back - the machine will operate and turn the drums himself. In addition, there is one very comfortable setting - you can specify the amount, and after its winning a video slot should stop "process automation".

In general, I sincerely wonder people who visit the offline facilities. Often in the ground gambling establishments you have to play in a rather unpleasant company of neighbors. That is why many do not attend such institutions, experiencing significant discomfort from the presence of other customers (believe me, among visitors of such halls there are often found very, very nasty types). Another factor that surprises me immensely - even in our city it is still possible to meet the elderly Atronic'i 1997 issue, with 256 colors... It is quiet horror!

Nevertheless, people still play these old slot machines, while in the network they are being waited by the ultra-modern video slots with multi-million color palette and graphics much better. This is not to say that in the online casino you can manually adjust the refresh rate of your monitor, while in the case of off-line rooms you will inevitably have to look at the display with a frequency sweep in 75 or even 60 Hz. Spare your health, the fans of slots, better play slot machines online!

Before writing this article, I made a bet $ 60 in online casino to play video slots, and to test and refresh my memory of the various machines. From the beginning I was firmly set to leave there the entire amount, and do not regret it. However, after some time, as a result of playing video slots on my account was already $ 306. I did not want to lose it, and I left the whole amount. As you can see in the slots you can win, although to be honest, I surprised myself of this unexpectedly good luck.