Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bumpy Rainbow Blanket Tutorial

This is a Fantastically fun blanket that is very easy to make. Have fun deciding on the colours you would like, and make it as big or small as you choose.
If you find any mistakes or aren't sure about something leave me a comment and I'll help the best I can.

Materials (based on my blanket above that you can find HERE)
  • 700g 8ply yarn (I used acrylic in 7 different colours)
  • 5mm hook
  • needle to sew in ends
Gauge: is not important in this pattern.

Abbreviations: (standard US crochet terms)
  • CH- chain
  • SC- single crochet
  • HDC- Half double crochet
  • DC- Double crochet
  • RW- Row
Special Stitches:

Bobble Stitch (also known as a puff stitch but this is 'puffier'):

Yarn over, insert hook into next stitch of previous row, yarn over and pull through (3 loops on your hook).

Yarn over and pull through first two loops, leaving two loops still on hook (first incomplete DC)

complete 4 more incomplete DC's in SAME stitch

Yarn over and pull through ALL 6 loops on hook

Bobble stitch complete. You may need to puff up the stitch from the back so it is more rounded to the front. I just poke the stitches forward with my finger. The next stitch follows directly after the bobble stitch, there is no need to chain one (as is sometimes called for with similar stitches).

Blanket Pattern

Ch in multiples of 6 + 4, until you get your desired length. This will be your vertical/longer side of the blanket. Alternatively if you would prefer horizontal stripes you could make a shorter chain and crochet more rows. For this tutorial I chained 22 (three sets of 6 +4).

Rw1-  Ch 3 (added to your original chain), dc in 4th chain from hook and in next 3 stitches (this will make 5 dc including ch 3). *Bobble stitch in next, 5 dc. Repeat from * until end of row. Turn

Rw 2-  ch 2 hdc in each stitch across fasten off

Join new colour
(I use different methods for joining new colours but this is what i used for this blanket)

Rw 3-  turn ch 3 dc in next 4, *bobble stitch, 5dc.  repeat from * across row turn
Rw 4-  ch 2, hdc in each across. Fasten off

Join new colour

Repeat rows 3&4 until desired width is achieved.
Fasten off last colour and sew in ends.

I decided on a simple single crochet (sc) border for the rainbow blanket. You can find tutorials for that on YouTube,  this one looks good... But you can do any kind of border you like to finish it off.

I'd love to see your creations! Feel free to post them on my Facebook page or Email me.

Disclaimer: Please do not sell my patterns or claim them as your own. You are free to do what you wish with finished items made from my patterns (donate, sell, etc), but if you are selling them online please link back to this page for pattern credit. Please use your own images if advertising an item from my pattern.

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Happy Hooking!


  1. Just saw your blanket on Pinterest! Love it! I have used the bobble stitch before but have yet to make a whole blanket with it. Maybe its time! We are having a link party at TwoLuLa ( all about baby items. I would love for you to add a link to you blanket!


  2. Beautiful blanket-I love the texture from the bobble stitch. Would you know approximately how many skeins/ounces you used? I might try to use up some yarn stash.

  3. Are these instructions American or British terms?

    1. Hello Joisea, I just found this pattern. I had a look & it is in American terms. It looks lovely doesn't it?

    2. Thank you 'Anonymous' :) yep, American terms. If you need the British terms Joisea just let me know & will translate them for you.
      x Adele

  4. I found your blanket on Pinterest and it's absolutely adorable! I featured it on my blog today. I love doing the Bobble Stitch now and want to make a blanket like yours next.

  5. it is very nice.i like it.thanks.i will make a skarf to my neveu.

  6. Hi, can you fix the link "HERE" where it shows the colors that you used for your blanket. Your blanket is beautiful and I want to make one using the same colors. Thank you!

    1. Hi Denice, the link was to a listing of the completed blanket, it didn't include the colours used. I used a mixture of acrylic I had in my stash lots of different brands, many are no longer in production (and others I can't remember). I'm sorry I can be of great help.

  7. That's OK, I will use the acrylic I have in my stash and try and match as best and I can but your blanket came out beautifully! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  8. I love you work the patterns and colors. Umpires me to try something NEW! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Dorothy Luke I would like the the British terms please , I don't understand the American way

  10. How does 6+4 makes 22 chains?

    1. Hi. It is repeats of 6 +4. So you could chain 6,12,18,24,30,36....120 etc, any number that can be divided by 6 THEN chain an extra 4. In this example I've chained 22 as its 18 +4. Hope that makes sense to you now.

  11. What are the measurements of the blanket you made using 700g of yarn please? I'm looking to make one for a single bed and want to work out how much yarn I would need.

  12. What are the measurements of the blanket you made using 700g of yarn please? I'm looking to make one for a single bed and want to work out how much yarn I would need.

  13. American patterns are a pain to decode. But with patience you can do it.

  14. How many did you chain for your original blanket???? I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how many to do for a baby blanket

  15. Hello Adele,

    Could you confirm how many stitches/chains you used for the blanket and what the width was.

    It's just a lovely blanket, and I am really looking forward to crocheting it.

    Also, I am in the UK. Is there a way you could give me the UK Terminology for the blanket, please?

    Thank you.


  16. Has anyone had any issues with the bobble stitches traveling? This is my first crochet project and I decided to use a multicolored yarn instead of changing colors. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you,

  17. I'm so glad I've finally found the instructions for this blanket. I've seen it in all sorts of pinterest posts and other "10 rainbow blankets you'll love" posts but there have been no links back here..