Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mono-Spot Baby Blanket

It's REEEEAAAADY! Whoop whoop!

My first pattern for sale is up, ready to be instantly downloaded. The Mono-Spot Baby blanket pattern, in both U.S. and U.K terminology is in my Etsy and Ravelry stores. 

I'm just a tad (read: super duper) excited.

Hope you like it & as always, I love to see your interpretations. 

x Adele 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Crafting for the fun of it: Weaving

When you have a creative business it's really easy to forget that crafting can be FUN, it should be fun! There's always a list of things you NEED to make, then there's the things you pin to your pinterest boards in the hope of making one day, when you have the time.

This past weekend I made the time to try some frame weaving. And I'll tell you what, it was awesome! 

I had purchased a little el-cheapo frame off eBay a while ago, so I cracked open the box and gathered up some scrap yarn. I had found some great online tutorials, this one from Honestly WTF is super great as it talks you through making your own loom too. Also have a search through YouTube, if you need a visual.

My awesome laser cut wooden swallows (you can find them at DeeDub Designs) arrived the day I finished my second wall hanging, they are a match made in heaven!

Give it a go, you will love it! Weaving not your thing? Try something else, just for the fun of it!

x Adele

P.S. I'm at Stage 4 with the Pantone Blanket.... CANNOT WAIT TO FINISH!

Friday, 29 August 2014

:{W.I.P Wednesday (on a Friday)}: My first pattern is coming!

I finally sat down in front of a computer and began writing my first pattern for sale! I'll be starting with the Mono-Spot Baby Blanket. Still a little way to go as I write a final draft and organise testing, BUT it's happening! I'll fill in all the where/how's a little closer to release date. 

Also I've been busy, busy crocheting up a storm with lots of 'Brads' and 'Lucys (Plural of Lucy, Lucies?)' heading out lately. 

And my Pantone inspired blanket is getting there!



Do tell. What are you working on??

Until next time,

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

:{W.I.P Wednesday}: The Next Big Blanket

The pantone-inspired-pixilated blanket (the name needs a bit of work, I know) is in the making. This will be the biggest blanket I've made yet. I have a terrible attention span so I've always stuck to baby sized blankets and throws. When I was first asked about making this my initial response was 'no, I don't make bigger blankets', but then I thought about it and the idea of a pantone inspired blanket really appealed to me. The challenge too, always great to challenge yourself and see what you CAN achieve.

44/126 squares complete.
68/126 complete

As per usual, you can see I haven't sewn in those bleedin' ends as I go! Tisk, tisk! The plan is to make two 'blankets', join and sew in each so they're 'complete', then combine them into one big blanket... That's the plan anyway! 

In between I'm also working on another 'Mono-spot' blanket in mint & pink, and another hexi custom. I've been a bit 'head down, bum up' (is that a really weird expression to non-Aussies??) crocheting my little heart away!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

3rd Birthday Giveaway!

Three Beans in a Pod is Three!! And I'm celebrating with a giveaway on Instagram. 

You could win a custom colour block blanket in up to 10 colours of your choice. The blanket measures 85x100cm and made with high quality, easy care, soft acrylic. 

Unfortunately, I've had to limit it to Australian residents only due to high postage prices. There will also be a wait time of approximately 12 weeks for completion, due to current commissions.

All you have to do is, pop over to Instagram, follow me @threebeansinapod  repost the giveaway pic, tag me and #3beansgiveaway - Easy Peasy!

1 entry per person, per day. Private users can enter but must provide a screen shot of shared pic if they win. Entries open until midnight Tuesday 22/7/4014. Winner will be drawn on Instagram Wednesday  23/7/2014.

Good luck!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Colour Lovin

I love yarn and I love colour. So when there's great yarn that comes in great colours, I'm in heaven! When there's great yarn that doesn't have a great colour range... well that just sucks.

Ahh... Pretty, isn't it? This is Cascade 220 Superwash. I'm loving Cascade yarns at the moment, the huge colour range really sells me. There are lots of different suppliers, but if you're in Australia, and want to buy from within Aus, I can highly recommend Purlwise

Cascade 220


Biggan Design

The next yarn on my 'to-try' list is Biggan Design, it looks beautiful (and Australian, love to support local when I can!). Has anyone tried it? 

Do you have any other suggestions for great yarn with a great colour range? 

x Adele

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Emotional Stages of a Blanket

I've been doing this crochet gig for a while now and I've come to recognise a pattern emerging when I crochet a blanket (or pretty much any larger project). I thought I would share. 

1. Yay! Woohoo! Let's get this crochet party started!

2. Stop staring at me Blanket! I'll get to you..

3. I don't think we're friends anymore..

4. Come here, you! Don't leave my side for a minute!! 

5. Awww, look how pretty you are! .....So.....Um.....Yep.... I'll see you 'round.

Am I the only one with the crochet love/hate relationship?

FYI- I'm currently in stage one, just bought a truckload of yarn! Woohoo!